Consistent Error of Check ALARM:1 Hard limit triggered. Machine position is likely lost due to sudden and immediate halt. Re-homing is highly recommended

Good Day! I have finally received my machine, however, no matter what I have tried, watched the Video’s and I have opened Lighburn as well as xTool Creative space
Everytime I try to frame a project no matter where it is on the Metal Grate for cutting (once it gets to the Front left point of the frame I receive an error message. So I start my framing at Back, goes to the back Right and down to front right (all is good). As soon at it moved from front right to front left, it stops and gives the Alarm 1 error (see full error message below).

In creative Space, the message is: See Attached image above

In LightBurn the Message is: err:limitCheck
Hard limit triggered. Machine position is likely lost due to sudden and immediate halt. Re-homing is highly recommended.

I have done ALL OF the following things already:

  1. Removed the xTool and Reconnected it both software’s

  2. Moved the test wood piece into the middle of the Metal Mesh plate

  3. Set my “Start from” to Absolute

  4. Made sure my limit settings were left AS IS (X=17.01inches (432mm), Y= 15.98inches(405mm)). when I had to Import my machine settings (due to it would not recognize my laser machine on my MAC), snf technically my space is 17 inches by 17 inches (the size of the metal cutting grate).

    • Also there is not an option to choose D1Pro, ONLY xTool D1 (to add the machine to either Software)
    • Also my Origin of Laser is Rear Left (easier for me to see while working); Auto “Home” is also turned ON for startup and I am connected by a UBS Cable.
  5. Another thing that is happening, is that my laser WILL NOT go to the “Home” position, when I click the button for it to do so, and ever time is click a Button on the MOVE panel, the Error messages appear again (see above).

Att his point I am not sure what I need to do, because my material is NOT out of bounds as the error message claims that it is, it will not even complete a “Frame” so I can see where the image will even be placed/burned.

Please HELP ME!!!

Thank you

Alarm 1 means it did not hit the switch soon enough, or it thinks it is already past where the switch should be.

  1. Never move the laser by hand after the machine is powered up. GRBL will not know this and use wrong positioning information.
  2. Stay with Absolute Coordinates until you are very familiar with the coordinate system of the machine.
  3. In the Console window, enter these two commands:
  4. Copy the results from the Console window and paste here.

Below is the Result: Thank You for helping me with this (I am very new to this and I have not clue what it means.








































What should I do next with these results? Or will you let me know

Other than the Yaxis seems to be throttled back a lot, but that may be normal for your machine, your machine (GRBL) settings seem workable.

This is strange. The $0=1, $1=0.03, etc should have come before the $# command… We need to see the $# output. Please enter this one again and provide the result.

Good Morning, the result is below:


I was looking for the G54 status that looked something like this…

I do not know how to get this from your machine and am reluctant to suggest changes. @berainlb may be able to offer more suggestions.

xTool D1 and D1 Pro don’t allow for user updated changes to $$ or $# configuration so there’s generally little value looking there.

@MarjorieNicole07 Can you provide the following:

  1. Full screenshot of LightBurn with your design loaded and ready to burn?
  2. Screenshot of Edit->Device Settings
  3. Can you confirm what happens if you do this:
    3a. Turn laser off
    3b. Move laser head to middle of bed
    3c. Turn laser on. If your machine does not auto-home then push Home button in Laser or Move window
    3d. Does the laser head move to top-left corner?
    3e. Does the homing sequence complete?
    3f. Does this result in any messages in Console?

quick question, due to the fact that I am using an xTool D1pro machine and not a CNC machine, will this video actually help me?

Good Day!

  1. I have attached both screenshots

  1. I completed the Homing Instructions and the following are the results
    a. the Laser did not move the the top-left corner, only when the the left side of the middle (bar did not move backwards)

    b. Looks as if it only completes the X Axis and not the Y Axis

    c. Message on the Console is the following:
    [xTool D1Pro:ver B2]
    start_home x
    left limit trigged
    start_home y
    up limit trigged

It seems that somehow the Y-limit is being constantly triggered. Look at the bottom of the left rail of the machine and try to identify why the Y-limit switch believes it’s being triggered.

Review all cable connections but specifically for Y-axis limit switch and make sure they’re going to the right location and are oriented correctly.

This is also the root cause of the ALARM:1. Somehow the Y-switch is always on.

You could test this by temporarily disconnecting the Y-switch. If the gantry moves upwards during homing then that likely proves the diagnosis. However, if you do this, be prepared for the gantry to crash at the top of the frame so I’d suggest powering off before that happens.

In any case, try to identify the source of the continuous actuation and see if you can resolve it.

Are those the red/yellow/white attachments?

And is there something you suggest I look for in the left corner? Again I’m very new to this and the xTool machine and it’s component’s

Take a look through this article. It shows you what the sensor looks like and where it would be located.

D-Series Limit Sensor: Installation, Adjusting, and Troubleshooting Guide - xTool Projects

I am in my XCS, however I do not have the option for Working Parameters

Not following what you’re referring to. Is this in reference to something previous?

Take a look through this article. It shows you what the sensor looks like and where it would be located.

D-Series Limit Sensor: Installation, Adjusting, and Troubleshooting Guide - xTool Projects

I looked at my sensors for my Y axis and in the article you advised me to look at, it states that I can turn off my Limits in the software of XTool Creative space, under the Working parameters section.

I do not have that section in the software. I have reseated my scensor connections and I am still getting the Alarm 1 error message on the Y Axis

I was suggesting you physically disconnect the switch to test.

Ok, I have disconnected it and as soon as I hit Frame, I get the loud buzzer sound, I have also attached a picture of it being disconnected. Also I did notice that a plastic piece (located in the picture - top left, near red bar) looks like it is broken.

A few questions:

  1. Are you certain that’s the proximity switch for the Y-axis? Make sure that’s the one that will eventually align with the metal tab that’s positioned to trigger along the Y
  2. It’s not apparent to me the plastic piece that you’re indicating may be broken. Can you take a clearer picture of that?
  3. Instead of framing, can you rerun the homing test from earlier. Move the laser head to middle of bed. Then home. What happens? What type of movement do you see?
  4. Are you able to tell from where the buzzing noise is coming?
  5. I suspect the buzzing may be due to loose belt tension or other mechanical issue. Do a mechanical review to see if anything is out of alignment and review tension or if anything is loose.