Constant Troubleshooting - Connection Issues

I bought this Ortur Laser master 2 a 5 days ago and been using it pretty often. Since yesterday I am getting a constant connection issue where the machine stops and tells me that my USB is no longer connected. I already changed all the cables to new ones but still it keeps stopping after 2 minutes. Is there something else I can do to fix this?

2 things to check for:

  1. What’s the version of the firmware? If it’s very old Ortur has updated the firmware to address some connection issues. Latest version for Laser Master 2 is 1.42. Ortur – Firmware Repository – Ortur
  2. If you got an old stock item it’s possible that this machine has a ground issue. Can you review the material on this site Ortur – Ortur Laser Master Grounding – Ortur? Visually examine your unit to see if it already has the modifications to properly ground the machine. This was a well-known issue that Ortur addressed earlier this year but it’s possible you have an old stock item.

Based on your symptoms it sounds very much like the grounding issue I experienced with the unit but hard to say.

Important to get a full console log
The disconnects might be the result of a different error all toguthere
Could you maybe retry a engrave and if it locks, copy the FULL contents of console here please?

It stopped again and this is the only note it gives me “connection lost”.

Gonna apply that grounding hack they showed on the site and change the power cable. Hopefully that will work

Bjorn, is that the entire console contents? As in copying from the beginning to end? If not, might be helpful to Gil.

Did you confirm that your laser does not have any of the grounding components in place already?