Controller identification help

Can anyone give me a name for this controller, a link to a manual would be even better, Thanks

Looks like a Ryxon KT332

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thank you very much, it helps me a lot

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In addition to having a model with and one without a network connection, is this controller a Ruida clone? and is it, if not, still suitable for LightBurn?

I am using one with Lightburn. It identifies as a Ruida 644XG

Perfect, now I’m more calm regarding my newly purchased laser, thanks for the feedback.

I’m about to swap mine out with a 6445. I have had a few small issues with the rotary. Not sure if its just in the settings though. When I frame on the rotary it doesn’t go back to the same exact place.

It’s not that good, but I do not need this feature (yet) :thinking:

It’s just annoying.

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