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Hello everyone, when I copy text from another source and paste it to Lightburn, rather than paste like the source it just puts it in one long line of text, so I then have to sort it back into what it should look like. making it quite time-consuming Am I missing a setting so it pastes as it should?
Cheers Brian

It is, as always, hard to imagine exactly what you mean when we can’t see it.
But I’ll take a guess. Is this what you want to achieve? (and we’ll go from there…)

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Just draw a single character and then right-click on it and select “edit text shape”. Then you get a text editor box, which you are talking about, I guess.

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Sorry guys been at work, I have not explained myself properly,
so I copy a paragraph from somewhere see 1st pic,
then when I paste it into LB, it just pastes as one long line of text
example of copied text

Thanks for your rapid replies,

Don’t know if it helps, but I saw this in another post.

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LightBurn does not include the original formatting in copy-paste, you have to format the text yourself. Another option is to import the desired text as a graphic.
(The first paragraph is copy-paste and takes my standard font, the last paragraph is traced from the second)

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Thanks for the answers, gents. It is much appreciated, looks like I’ll have to keep spacing it out myself until there is an actual fix designed in LB, as we do a lot of copy paste for personal items mind I’ve had LB for some years now, I suppose if it’s not already added it may never be, :wink:

You need to paste it into the edit text shape box, as I explained before:

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And the difference being ?

Sorry to step in
It`s easier to edit in text box.
You place the cursor where you want to change/brake line and press enter. and align X and Y

Without knowing the source of the text, I imagine stripping out all formatting was the smartest move. For example, “cr”, “cr lf”, “0D0A”, and “/nl” all mean the same thing depending on which platform it is on. I just discovered “< cr >” and “< cr >< lf >” without the spaces will not even show up here.

I ran into this issue myself, and yes, it is irritating. But I “discovered” the text edit window by accident, and life is much better.

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As others have offered, and…

I believe if your text has a hard return at the end of each line, as compared to the formatting of text to have ‘word-wrap’ to a size certain, the text should paste as you’d expect. :slight_smile:

“cr”, “cr lf”, “0D0A”, and “/nl”
Makes no sense to me at all

Neither does that sorry

When you select the text, it is actually just one long line of text, wrapped at an arbitrary length by whatever program displays it. If I copy a multiline paragraph from this thread, it is wrapped at the column’s width, but I expect to get a single line, particularly when I paste in a simple text editor like Notepad.

So what you are asking is the possibility for LightBurn to wrap automatically long lines of text at a given width. With a given line height (or interline spacing if you prefer). (And to reformat this if the parameters are changed.)

A somewhat reasonable request, perhaps look if it is already in the suggestions site and upvote it?

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These are part of the text that controls the format and style of the displayed text, but are not normally visible. If you are not a programmer, you would not even know these exist.

As the others noted, if your text has no line endings, no editor whatsoever will break the text at desired limits.

Nope definitely not

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