Corel Draw Color Palette

There was already a color/colour palette for CorelDraw out on the forum, but the palette was wrong / empty (troll? corrupted? not sure!). So here is the code you can copy paste into an XML file and then import as the LightBurn colour palette for Corel Draw, including T1 and T2.

I had to use codedump because the forum app did not like when stuff is between < > symbols which the XML code is

Are you referring to this one?

Yes, for some reason when I import that one it breaks and I only get greyscale options (but now that I see it’s an Official post, it’s likely a Corel update that broke something).

There was another one around that I downloaded from somewhere (I thought it was this forum but I haven’t been able to find it again). I’ve attached it in case it’s of use.
Lightburn Palette for Corel.xml.txt (4.2 KB)

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