Corel Draw Macro not loading at startup

Hello all…
I am new to LightBurn and using a trial version as a possible replacement for RDWorks.

I installed the trial and it’s working fine, I’m liking some of the features, BUT, I followed the instructions under the help tab options and installed the CorelDraw Macro. It seems to work fine until I close everything and restart corel and light burn.

The icon still appears in corel but does not do anything. I have to reinstall the macro to get it to work so it seems not to 'LOAD" the macro when I restart corel. It works fine until I close corel.

What am I doing wrong?

See here:

I need to change the instructions to include this.

Thanks for the reply Oz
So if I’m understanding correctly, there is a solution for this, correct?
Is there an approximate timeline on a solution?
Thanks CarlK

The solution is in that thread, here:

You just move the gms file into the global one for Corel, and then reference the copy you made instead of the one in the LightBurn folder when you set up the macro.

Thank you!!! All set and seems to work fine.

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