Correct work space, (X,Y) parameters with Ortur LM Pro 2

Total newbie at this Laser etching/engraving thing, so bare with me as I try to explain what’s going on.
Been fighting with the settings and constantly getting the out of bounds error message. For the Ortur LM Pro 2 it has the 400mm x 400mm work space, but it appears the Lightburn settings thinks it half that size, even though it shows 400x400 as the work space in the program. What I had to do was scale down by half the image to get it to work properly. My thinking there is probably a setting somewhere that needs to be “tweaked” manually to correct this or another setting that needs to be enabled or disabled.

Ortur Laser Master 2 Pro S1 - OLF 1.7 Series

Thanks in advance.
Jim B.

Have you checked the machine parameter? Type $$ in console and post here the result

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machine parameters as requested. Thanks!

ok make this simple test, take a ruler, place it on X aligning the zero to the laser head, from LB move X by 50mm and check if in the ruler head has really moved 50mm if not in LB go to ‘edit->machine settings’ in that panel in the bottom you find ‘calibrate axis’, click on it, select X axes then digit the distance requested, 50mm and the actual distance you checked on the ruler, in the end click on ‘write’ and repeat all for Y

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Roberto - that did it. X & Y now calibrated. Very much appreciate the help.
Thanks again,
Jim B.

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