Cost of licensing

Hello everyone, new to Lightburn and am curious what the licensing fees are for the software.
I have an 80w laser and use it for pattern making mostly.
Also most of the work I do is make patterns out of acrylic to produce molds. I’m also wondering how to raster the area around text and leave the text convex… any help is appreciated

License cost is explained here:

And I think what you’re asking about text is basically just putting a shape around it (negating an engraving) which is described well here:

There was no explanation of the actual license fees, just renewal… anyone have this info? Would be greatly appreciated before I try to learn a new program especially if it’s very expensive…

Did you look around our website?

Price depends on your controller. $80 is the most expensive one, for DSP controllers, like Ruida and Trocen. $40 for the GCode version that drives hobby-level open-source controllers like GRBL and Smoothieware.

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