Crash Reports. Do you have to submit them?

I had LightBurn crash on me yesterday and it created a crash report on my desktop.

I’m not sure how the crash reporting works. Do these reports get sent to LightBurn automatically or do I need to submit the report for further review?

Thanks for any insight into this.

In addition to the fact that Lightburn should not crash at all, the developers are always “happy” for the raport itself.
If you describe the incident, how the LightBurn/your computer crashed, what action in lightburn you performed … and send it all either directly to them or throws it up here, then they will probably pick it up.

The reports are not sent automatically. Please email the crash report to, along with a brief description of what you were doing when the crash occurred, and the file you were working with.

I sent in the crash report to you this morning. I was trying to copy and paste an object when it crashed.

I’m sorry but there was no file saved as I was in the process of creating the project.

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