Crating square around the logo

Hi I’m a LightBurn user and learn how to use it via trial & error. Need some advice please.
I created a square around a product name and try to print it on Neje Master 2 20 laser engraver. It’ll print but instead of getting a square border around the name I get a dark square. How do I change this to get a square border. Thank you

Add another square over the top of the existing one the same size and on the same Colour Layer. This will invert the scan. (I think this is what you are asking)

As the scan feature works like, in/out/in/out etc etc…

Or just change the Square to Line and not scan, depending on if the box is creating the scan image inside it.

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Do you have the ‘square’ set to “fill” or “line” … if it’s fill, set it to line, and look at the preview before you select ‘start’, to be sure it’s what you want.

There is really not sufficient data here to assist you further…

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Hi JMichael and Neil . Thank you both for your advice. I just tried to do as suggested using square using “Line” and it’s working. Great. Now I have to play with it to get used to it.

@John4, this is worth review to help in understanding how LightBurn uses shape boundaries to determine what to fill.

It sounds like you have selected FILL instead of line. If you select the square border only, then choose line, set your power & speed levels, you should get a line only.

Thank you Frederick. I got it working now. Great.