Creality Falcon 10w strange draw

Hi dears, i tried Lightburn with a new Creality Falcon 10w. I added the laser using the configuration file provided with the device.
However the cut looks like nothing and looks like the laser draw random things


I did try some eagle cut that was provided with the machine on LaserGrBL and it was perfect

Did you have an idea what could be wrong ? (first laser machine and total noob here)
thanks a lot

This discussion may be relevant:

Did you download your version of lightburn directly from Lightburn site? Hacked versions will display this behavior. If you are using a “free” version that may have come with your Chinese laser it may not be a legitimate release.

Hi dears, thanks a lot for your response !!! Yes, i did use the version provided on the mini card that come with the printer ! I will try to download the good version on LightBurn website !

Confirming, working without problems using the version available on the website ! thanks a lot !!!

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Now would be a good time to scan your Windows installation for malware, because you may have installed a few bonus programs along with the cracked LightBurn.

Interesting… I just lost a lot of respect for Creality…and they lost any potential future business of mine.

I will keep track of this for the future. I hope this is not a common practice and may be a result of a third party dealer. Did you purchase this unit directly from Creality ?

HI, sorry for the late reply, i can confirm you all that indeed, i got a ‘bad’ lightburn version on the provided mini USB card. After downloading the latest version on your website, purchasing the licenses and adding my laser cutter with the config file, everything is working fine ! thanks for your help guys

I didn’t see this (same hardware) because I rarely, if ever, install software provided from a CD or USB key, I prefer to have a more recent version (and more official in this case!) when I can…

Likewise, always try to find the official site, eg. don’t download an open source program from one of these “freeware sites”, instead find the original site. Same for drivers, etc.