Creating an internal pattern of an object

I have a vector of a fox . I want to create an internal pattern that will allow me to be able to cut out parts of this internal pattern making the fox look like a silhouette.are there any topics that explain this process

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It would be helpful to provide an example, or sketch, of what you intend to produce. A bit difficult to determine exactly what you are after. :slight_smile:

Can you trace outline only of fox in a different layer color? Then delete the original color and use fill to create silhouette. Or did I misunderstand the question ?

zentanglesvg-zenanimal-3956c122afa742365a01c70f0cb0d0a5496da11b6413d70376b9a630a25e61ea.jpg see attached image, what i am asking is ,how can i create my own internal pattern that vectors are attached to the outer shape .so when you cut the pattern some pieces stay with the shape and some will fall out thus creating a silhouette.

Your post did not provide the image you intended. Please edit.

Allow time for the image to completely load prior to hitting ‘Reply’.

Folks have used the ‘Array’ tool to generate a pattern, group that and then use Boolean tools to have this pattern connect with your outer shape.

Here I share the process used to assist another member: (shapes and pattern may differ, but the process should be similar)

Are you asking about creating something like this?

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