Creating printed circuit boards with KiCad - Remix

As a follow-up to the other thread on Creating printed curcuit boards, I thought that I’d post my process to get files from KiCad into Lightburn.

Instead of exporting to SVG, I instead used the FilePlot feature in KiCad, and then set the Plot format to ‘DXF’. The trick here is check the option to Plot Edge.Cuts on all layers.

Next, open the .dxf file in Lightburn, and you’ll see your circuit design bounded by three concentric squares (the edge cuts). But here’s the second, and most important, trick: delete the innermost of the three concentric squares. I’m not sure why there are three, but if you don’t delete one of them, then Lightburn will mis-identify what’s a closed loop that what should be filled or not.

Step 3 is to select all and Group; it’ll be easier for the things to follow. For this group, set its mode to ‘Line’.

Now, make a copy of the group and paste it somewhere nearby, and then set it’s Mode to ‘Fill’. All that’s left to do is to move the second group directly on top of the first group. Fortunately, Lightburn identifies the shapes and snaps them aligned.

Voila! You can now party like it’s 1999, with mullet and all.


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