Cropped camera overlay

I am having a similar woe. Have an x tool D1 pro and hooked up a Logitech c920s camera (computer using windows). The camera will calibrate well, and the live view shows the entire bed. After framing a project or the like, the LB working area suddenly crops into part of the image overlay and thinks that portion of the camera overlay is the entire bed, completely messing up placement.

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This deserved its own Topic so moved it here.

Can you confirm that you completed both the lens calibration as well as camera alignment? If so, how did they go? Were there any interesting things that occurred during alignment in particular?

Yes, sorry about that. Didn’t mean to derail anything. The first part went well, lens calibration was all measures under .15.

The camera alignment did go a bit wacky. I have the settings in for my device and verified the working bed size. Light burn suggested I burn the target at 185%, but during framing it crashed the laser unit into the frame and scratched paint (all still working fine), so I did have to burn the targets smaller (if I remember it ended up being around 165%?) anything less than that and it would move forward from home for the shrinkage, but continue to crash into the frame at the far side.

Still, after calibration was finished Lightburn did show the entire bed size for a time, it was only after working for a bit that it cropped in incorrectly. I thought it was after I framed once, but that might have been that that is just when I noticed the change.

To be clear, when not using the camera wizards, I have had no issues with the unit scraping along the frame.

Note that I don’t believe LightBurn will make a recommendation, only a default.

Can you confirm if you rehomed your laser after the crash? If not, you would need to for alignment to be correct.

One thing to try is to set camera selection to none then reselect your camera. Does that change anything?

Good to know it suggests 185% to everyone.

For the others, Good questions! Yes I made sure to rehome the laser. I had to keep stopping and quitting out to rehome after collisions.
I also have tried to switch cameras and switch it back, that didn’t seem to do anything.

If you did rehome then your alignment should be valid.

And to confirm, you burned a fresh set of targets in your last attempt and was able to select all 4 targets without issue?

Can you take a screenshot of what your overlay looks like?

This is as good as I can get it, way better than before. Alignment is still off though. I am assuming the alignment issue is something not LB related that I am messing up though.

Can you validate the following:

  1. you burned a fresh set of targets during last camera alignment
  2. you homed the laser prior to any alignment steps
  3. you did not crash the laser or move the laser head by hand at any point, meaning that you use the jogging controls exclusively to move the laser head

If any of these are not true can you try redoing camera alignment while following those restrictions?

Also, although it will work as it’s currently oriented, you could benefit from squaring the camera to the frame and really trying to get a straight down shot as much as you can.

It really annoys me too!

Yes I have done this several times now so I am being really careful trying to figure out the issue.

Is this a persistent issue for you as well? Or have you managed to fix it?

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