Cursor Key Jog support

I found this older post, but it doesn’t answer my question: Arrow key jogging

I use a Surface tablet/laptop that doesn’t have a dedicated number pad, so don’t have the the number pad arrows.

Is there a way to control jog using cursor keys? Trying to hit the small jog buttons with a mouse while using shift and control at the same time as watching the red dot is next to impossible.

I don’t think you can use arrow keys. See if the shortcut keys listed in the Arrange Menu work for you.

Hmm. Not sure that key-chords are going to make life easier TBH. Also, with shift and control adjusting the size of the jog, that likely isn’t going to work at all?

I’m surprised there’s no support for the arrow keys. Seems so logical.

Arrow keys are already used to move objects in design. This would then have to be context sensitive instead of universal. Might not be so bad if you first clicked into the Move window but may be confusing for some users.

Context aware works - could even be so simple as a checkbox option in the Move tab that enables cursor keys for laser jog.

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