Custom G-Code for Rare industrial controller

I have a specific requirement in G-Code for my laser and would like to know if there is a way to create or edit a machine profile to support what I need.
In short, my machine ignores F(Feed) and S(Power) as this is set out side the file. Instead my machine will burn all G1 moves and not burn all G0 moves. So far all the profiles I have found have G1 with S0 for non burning moves which do not work on this machine. Is there a way around this?
The reason I want to use this old industrial machine is because of it’s insane speed. Top speed of 8000mm/sec and can process some 200,000 pixels per second.

You could process the resulting gcode yourself. A relatively trivial task with some scripting or coding knowledge. Do you need G1 S0 moves to be translated to G0 moves?

Thanks Blake. I am doing that now using the Marlin code. I search for M106 S0\nG1 and replace with G0. But there is one file I am working with at the moment that has a output of over 1,000,000 lines and there is a small area that still appears to be burning some move areas. I am trying to fine the area in the file that has the problem and it is painful.

The machine profiles in LightBurn are largely programmed, not configured with a post-processor the way some systems work. I’d like to eventually add a generic GCode generator that’s highly configurable, but that will be a ways off.

Using the GRBL-M3 profile will produce the least verbose, and most generic GCode - You’ll see M3 for laser on, and M5 for off, along with G1 Sxxx and G1 S0 moves when scanning an image. With that profile you could likely just look for lines that contain G1 xxx S0 and replace the G1 with G0, and remove the S0 from the line.

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