Cutting 3d printet parts one after the other


I succeeded to cut PLA Parts with my laser, but I have the problem that the cutout always heats up and it have a melted surface after the process. So I started to decrease the power to around 15% and the speed is around 300. But I have to wait and push the start Button agian, like 5 times in a row.

Is there a option to cut the whole stuff and to start from the beginning without pressing the start button again and again? Because when I just increase the numbers of rounds the laser always cuts the same cutout multiple times and thats the problem. As I mentioned, the 3d PLA Object is melting right away.


It is connected with how you have arranged your subjects, groups, layers, etc. It should be possible to process one element at a time completely before the next.
Can you send the file?

PS use measurement units after the values, it is always connected if it is to make sense. :wink:

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You can also use cloned sub layers instead of passes. It will complete the parent layer before moving to the child layer(s).


In the “old days” you would have duplicated the layer 5 times and processed them with “Order by Layer” in the cut optimization setting.
Sublayer is the much more elegant solution. :+1:

I had already requested this Lightburn Super Trick - repeat job · LightBurn referenced to this post Lightburn Super Trick because Lightburn keeps repeating X times segment by segment between nodes. But in the end it was solved in 1.5.00 for galvo and not for GRBL. It would at least be nice if the cut/layers were repeated at the end of a global pass.

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