Lightburn Super Trick

Hello to all.

Instead of making multi-pass cuts in intricate details where laser burns the same segment over and over again and that sometimes leads to material burn…
You can automatically make 1 pass cut plus 1 pass cut plus 1 pass cut and so on to let material cool a bit.

Using Lightburn sub-layers like in the enclosed example. It take a few seconds more but gives much better results.
At the end of the job start the job again (3 times in this case) or use cut job with 9 cloned sub-layers, don´t use Cut Settings Editor repeat box cause is not the same sequence.

5 mm plywood.

Following my method 2 first images 3 x (3 sublayers) passes 950 mm/m 97.5% power. Very clean almost no back burn and no missing (burned) parts.

Other image 9 passes 950 mm/m 97.5% power

Lightburn_trick_test.lbrn2 (41.0 KB)



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