Cutting Acrylic HELP

Anyone have any good settings to use when cutting acrylic.

I have some 3mm black acrylic I need to cut a small rectangle out of.

I also have 1.5mm clear acrylic sheet I need to cut a bunch of circles out of. I know you cna;t really cut clear acrylic with a diode laser, but I’m curious if it’d be possible at all, only being 1.5mm thick

Clear acrylic of any thickness, even a few thousandths of an inch, cannot be cut with a diode laser. I’ve read of users who paint the acrylic a dark color, which causes it to absorb energy, melting the acrylic at that point, but the surface results are poor. Some colors of acrylic can be cut by a diode laser, typically those of colors similar to the laser color such as reds and oranges, possibly blues and purples, but that’s a hit-or-miss sort of thing. I’m not sure how well black will cut and 3 mm is fairly thick for a diode laser. If you find you can impact the surface with the diode laser, you may also discover that it requires multiple passes, which will also result in a less than ideal cut surface.

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i don’t know how strong is your diode, with my Neje A40630 7.5W i can do this, cut 3 mm black acrylic in 1 pass 100% power at 50mm/min

I have a Barnett Unlimited 7W on my Ortur LM2

i have the 15watt blue diode laser and at speed 150mm/m at 100% power it cut transparant orange and red acrylic perfect.
blue almost not possible cuz same colour of laser and green possible but need very slow speed and burns the acrylic too much at 10mm/m.
and not use air support cuz it cools too much at lasering and melt together again.

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@killrob its better to use 150mm/m 3 times and you get a much better and sharper cut at solid acrylic.

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ok i will try, i thought more passes more melting of acrylic obtaining worse result…