Cutting endpoint is not meeting. Cutted surface has dots

Hi there!

I need help about cutting settings. I tried a lot of things like mechanical&electrical debugging but there is no any good solution.

My problem is;

When I cut material with speed over than 5mm/s cutted side surface has dots. When you look at top it’s seems like no biggie. But if you touch it or look at the cutted side you can see the problem.

Also endpoint of ellipse is not meeting with startpoint.

Can you guys help me about it?

Check if this Lightburn Doc helps.

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I try to improve and solve problem with backlash option for 8 hour and here we go. Start and endpoint almost same. A little notch still exist but u need to look at it with microscope.

But the other problem still exist. I cant find any solution for it. Cutted side surface is still wavy.

Read along this thread:


I already read those threads before I opened mine. I tried every solution but if speed is over than 5mm/s wavy line starts.


I’m still struggling with this issue. I hope pictures I took will help you to understand my issue. Also while cutting same material one of circle is perfect but the other one is not matching start/end point.

More pictures of wavy lines.