Cutting letter shapes from a box

Hey friends,

I want to make a wooden stamp. I have my logo which i traced in LB. I figured the way i could possibly do it, is to create a rectangle, drop the traced logo inside and then either boolean union / subtract, which ever of these would work the best. However im finding this wont work.

Any advice on how to subtract the logo away from a shape. Im going to engrave the area around the logo so the logo stands proud from the material and burn away the rest.

Thanks :slight_smile:

A few tips upfront:

  1. You definitely want to do a boolean difference subtracting the logo from the background rectangle. This will leave you with the area that you want to engrave.
  2. Boolean operations only work with 2 objects. You may need to group the items in the logo to make sure it’s acting as a single object
  3. Boolean operations only work with closed path shapes. Make sure the logo doesn’t have any loose ends although it shouldn’t coming out of a trace operation.

If you need some more help drop the .lbrn file here and I’m sure someone can take a look.

It difficult with wood. Don’t make it more complicated that it needs to be.

There are a number of threads about ‘rubber’ stamps. I’d think the idea would be the same…


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Alright thanks, i think that worked. I grouped together but must have done something else wrong but it ended up working.

Neat can make wood stamps now :slight_smile:

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