Cutting parameters with AtomStack A5

I own an AtomStack A5 and would like to know if 1000 speed as well as 100% max power and 100% min power can be used to cut a 3mm board.


I have indeed tested these parameters, but I have to do more than 300 passes to be able to cut a simple A4 sheet bought on amazon:

I am asking for your help with the efficient cutting parameters.

thanks in advance

Quite honestly, if you haven’t cut through in 10 passes, it’s not going to cut. 3mm birch ply is on the limit as to what you can cut, and it can depend upon the glue used when the board was manufactured.

Although a little harder to find 2mm ply is much easier to cut. I use 700mm / minute and 7 passes on my A5 and it works well. Make sure the safety screen is just above the material, or the beam may become slightly diffused and not as efficient.

To reliably cut anything thicker, you will need air assist to blow out the carbonised material, as otherwise you are just trying to cut burnt material and that’s doomed to failure.

Thank you for your answer…
Is it possible to have a screenshot of your cutting parameters?

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Here you go. This is the “basic” laser with the green eye shield and with me running a home brew air assist.

My new A5 Dual is significantly quicker - 2 passes gets through 2mm ply and 4 gets through 5mm birch ply, all at 700mm/min

Thank you for your help.
After several tests and several lost boards, here is what results for a good result:
For 100% max, 20% min, Speed 500 and 17 pass,
My result is satisfactory although of long duration.
I don’t forget that you recommended 700 speed and 7 pass to me, but I think it all depends on the wood and the glue used.

Hey there!

I have entered the world of CNC / Laser engraving with an AtomStack A5 Pro 40W and realise there is so much to learn, so I’m following up on this to ask if you have the 20W or 40W version? I appreciate the power of the laser isn’t that much different, but from what I can tell, the settings to do different things will differ between the two.

For example, I can cut 2mm ply with a speed of 250mm/m using a power of Min / Max 100% in one pass. Still experimenting with 3mm, but think it will do it in 2-3 passes.

ATOMSTACK A5 20W - You’re absolutely right, nothing beats testing …
I also noticed and it is completely normal that each material must imperatively be tested because as said above, for wood, the glue used, the thickness of the wood, everything plays a role.
For example to find the right value on the board proposed in this subject, I tested 700 in part of 5, 10, 15, 20 and 25 then 600, 500, 400 …
On another format of 2mm, 1000, 100%, 20%, 8 passes
On the current format of 3mm, 700, 100%, 20%, 17 passes

On the other hand, it is only the speed and the number of passes that manage time … the max and min power have no effect on the engraving or cutting time.

If you have other tips or observations, I am interested :stuck_out_tongue:

I have an Atomstack A5 20w & I’m new at this, so when I try to cut a christmas ornament it like burns the wood to where it almost catches on fire. Maybe my settings are wrong for cutting 3mm baltic birch plywood. I really don’t know what settings to use & where I need to change the settings.

Start with a power scale for each material.

The A5 is only a 5.5 watt las÷r. I thought it 40watts untill i read the tag on the laser.

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I’ve cut 3mm basswood at 175 @100% in one pass without burning. Air assist on