Cutting projects larger than

I tried to cut a project bigger than my laser bed …I followed the procedures as in the lightburn official youtube page…But still…I’m not getting the aligning right

the line to the right most end is the intended spot …but the second part of the line isn’t aligning properly with the first part

Several things can cause this. I can not tell from the picture what happened here.
Are you willing to share your LightBurn Files?

You can upload them here if you like. If they are proprietary and you don’t want to share them publicly, we can find an alternate channel.

pass through final.lbrn2 (26.1 KB)
Have a look at this …This is the file

It can only be how you position the piece back in the laser after turning it to do the other half. If I was doing this I would run the job from a center position, probably Top Center, (not bottom right) and mark my ply wood in the center top and bottom. I usually put a piece of straight ply against the machine side for the board I am cutting to sit against (like a saw fence would work), this is an easy way to get it straight each time.
I would run the 1st half, then turn the board, line it up as close as possible, put a double layer of masking tape over the job and run it on very low power, so it just marks the tape. I would then make adjustments to my line up as necessary. when lined up I would reset to cutting power and cut it…

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I can do this the way you suggested…buu know I can’t make my project any smaller…if I keep something like a saw fence…It’ll in turn take up some space

Your laser head /Bed goes right up to the machine side? there is no “Dead” space? Must be a tight fit there. then maybe use the machine frame as a guide

There’s no "dead " space …I’ll use the machine frame

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Great work man.

Consider trying this alternate method of alignment vs. Print and Cut. You can see your alignment accuracy before you cut, and thus adjust alignment as much as necessary to get it right, before the cut. Method for cutting jobs that are > CNC workarea

Hope this helps.

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