Cutting rectangle in balsa wood

Hello All. I am using my Olm2 with Lightburn. I have a design I am trying to engrave into 2.5mm balsa, then cut it out. The engraving works perfectly, but when I try to cut out the design (same file, different layer) prints a bunch of dots in about the area of a pencil eraser. Again, it is weird as the engraving is perfect. Any thoughts would be very much appreciated! Thanks!

Hi Patrick, any chance you could upload a screenshot of you project with the cuts/layer settings, it’s a lot easier for people to help if they can see what it is.

Here is the actual Light burn file and then a picture of the output if that would help!

Here is the engraving and that itty bitty rectangle is what is supposed to be going around the letters

Hi, just had a look at file.
Did you use the 'rectangle tool for the frame?
Try deleting the frame and try reframing using the rectangle tool.
P.s adjust your minimum power to the same as maximum for the cut.

How does this file look in your ‘Preview’? I notice that the blue shape is not a rectangle, but that should not cause an issue. What “pencil eraser” dots are you identifying in the picture?

Thanks folks! I’ll try a fresh rectangle (didn’t notice that deformation in the corner!) and set the min and max power to the same!

Hey Kris! Not quite sure how to change the min power? Again, I have an Ortur Laser Master 2.

Hi Patrick, sorry there’s only 1 power adjustment on the Ortur, keep forgetting it’s only ruida that has max and min. :zipper_mouth_face:

Using a fresh rectangle or ellipse ended up with the same result. I’m feeling kind of stupid for spending $40 on this. Cutting a rectangle seems pretty basic…

Looking to assist…

Thanks Rick! Here is video of my preview…I think it looks good.

Not sure what the pencil eraser dots mean?

I’ve tried creating a rectangle in a clean, new file as well as importing in an image of a rectangle. all the same results. Could you possibly send me file with just a simple, small shape that I can try?! It has to be something with my computer…

I am asking about this comment.

Yeah, I think it was trying to cut /engrave the border but instead created a bunch of really small dots in about the area of a pencil eraser.

You come up with different and not clear statements regarding your problem so it is not easy to help you.
Have you familiarized yourself with how LightBurn works? There are some really nice videos, made to get started with the program and the actual documentation that you find under “Docks” is in my best belief, also written very self-explanatory.

This statement amazes me a little. Everyone has the opportunity to test LightBurn, for a number of weeks before making a decision on whether or not to use the program.
Help us a little and come up with more information so we can help you get started with your laser.

What more can I provide?! I’ve submitted a video, image and the actual light burn file along with explaining exactly what happened. Forum members asked for more information and I provided it. Again, what more can I provide? Meanwhile, your response has done nothing to help me. “Watch the videos? RTFM?!” . Really?! I came hear because I could not find my answer in a video or in the documentation.

Your preview video does not work as a video, it is only a single image, but the file you put on Dropbox works without problems with me.
Below is a picture from the preview as it looks here with me. The file does not fail anything.

I will definitely not disturb you in the future, take care of you.

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