Cutting settings for 9mm wood

Hello all, I am trying to cut a 9mm thick plywood at 250 speed and 100 power but it has taken a lot of rounds and still did not cut. Any tips? Am I missing out on anything?

You need to give more info about your equipment etc. for someone to be able to help you

That’s pretty thick for a small diode laser. I have to push some power with my co2 50 watt to get through that thick of plywood.

You are lacking a Z axis, I think, on your machine to have it lower the diode to move the focal point.

I think it will be tough, but hear from others…

Good luck


Just reading what you posted I think that would be a tough cut, even for a high power machine. If we are talking construction 3 ply material it isn’t too tough. 9mm aircraft ply would be far more difficult to cut.

an aerial assistance always helps and if the focus is adjustable leave it at a distance of 40 mm, also in the absence of a Z axis you can manually compensate the focus in each pass… but cutting plywood with a diode laser is really bad

Excuse me, but why not say it like it is?
9mm plywood is for an 80+ Watt CO2 machine and not at all something a diode laser owner should consider cutting. It is not possible! (I have not seen or even been able to produce anything useful in this league with a diode)
We have been able to read about this topic many times here lately and it is mainly because the sellers are unscrupulous in their advertising and the buyers are not informed enough.
It will be an advantage if those here in the forum who have good diode machines that they will make some clear statements about what their results are so that new friends here do not come out for that type of misinvestment.
I have also seen the sales video where cutting in 10mm wood and the result is caramel colored completely straight items … It’s FAKE!
Even with poplar plywood, many passes are required and the product turns black like coal.

If there are some forum members here who can prove the opposite, then of course it will also be very useful. I am writing this not because I have to be right, but to help others.

I am using Sculpfun s9 laser

I have cut a 1/8 door skin (veneer both sides + soft core)
SainSmart 3018 5.5W with air assist.

Real-life feedback is great. Thank you.
Are the parts that you have cut “usable” / nice enough for use, or does a lot of finishing need to be done? How big is the notch between the parts after 3 passes?

The Kerf was ugly and needs cleaning. it would amuse me to try a bottle of compressed CO2 instead of air as an ‘assist’ to see if the starved combustion improved the process. Argon is costly. :slight_smile:

Thanks for the feedback, it’s impressive anyway.

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