Cutting the 5v USB seems to cancel random disconnects

I have the Ender3 3d printer and a default thing for a connection to a raspberry pi is to tape over the 5v usb power. This stops the pi trying to power up the motherboard etc. ( explained more in detail here: Put tape on the 5V pin - Why and how - FAQ - OctoPrint Community Forum )

So i figured… why not try it on the Ortur as well? I already noticed the motherboard stayed powered even though the powercable was unplugged. Doing this seems to resolve my issue of random disconnects and such during a print. (i havent had a disconnect yet, but they do come random, so i’ll keep an eye out for it)

Anybody else tried this?

nobody tried this or noticed any effect?

@OrturTech , this one is also something worth looking into.
You can check it by removing the powercable from the printer, while keeping the USB connected; it tries to draw power from the USB.

Is by design

True, it is by design so you can program the firmware through the USB

What i meant is that by cutting this 5v (taping off the most-right connector in the USB cable) you disable this and it resolves random disconnect issues. Since i did this 7 months ago i havent had any random disconnect, while before that multiple times per day.