Cutting wing ribs for aeromodels in balsa 3mm thick 263 mm long

Hello. I have a Neje 2S max working on my aeromodels specially with plywood. Now I am trying to cut wing ribs with longcurve format and some angles to fit stingers. Thank you Forum for the help with design program Fusion 360.

So I design, I take it as an image and import it with Lightburn . I set parameters and start burning.

Time preview 10 hours.

Can someone help me to reduce this time?

I have already made some circles for the wheels, but not in 10 hours!!!

Thank you

Kannst du was zu deinen Einstellungen sagen, Schnittgeschwindigkeit, Leistung, ungefähre Schnittlänge im Meter oder Zoll, Durchläufe?

Thank you, I translate your message. Velocity actually it is at 6 mm / min. I think it will not run quickly even if I set 12. I curve it is slow. I am using a 40 w laser at 50% power. The rib is 261 x 70 mm. But they are diferent sizes.

Ich selbst verwende ebenfalls einen 40Watt laser. Ich schneide Pappelsperrholz 3mm mit 200mm/Min. Bei 70% Leistung mit 4 Durchläufe. Wenn es Birke ist, mit 7-9 Durchgängen. Vielleicht hilft dir da weiter.

Thank you. I am cuting 3 mm balsa. It burns very easaly so I hunidify both surfaces and keep low laser power. It so soft no need for another pass. And keep sprayin during the job.

As you see design it taken a lot of curves and the head comes from one poito to another one with some distance. we have 3 option on scan. I am testing all to see.

I am also put the peice in vertical and see time saving, but for these peice its much more time moving with laser of than burning something. If I made it classicly with drawing vegetal paper transfer to balsa sheet and use a cutter I finish the job in less than I peice burning, and more precising.

Some day I will disciver the secret to ct balsa ribs. Thank you

Frage: wofĂĽr ist das Wasser?

Does your laser not have an Air feed? 40w laser should cut 3mm Balsa easy without setting fire to it.

Hat er wohl nicht. Deswegen sprĂĽht er ja. Ich bin da kein Freund von, zumal die Treiberplatine oben am Laser offen ist und der LĂĽfter darunter den Nebel mit angesaugt. Ich hatte am Anfang auch keine LuftunterstĂĽtzung und habe mir deswegen eine gebaut. AuĂźerdem ging mir das ewige Linsen reinigen auf die Nerven. Nun ist gut.

Yes I have a air compressor. It does not fire , just begin to burn. It goes too slow because its curve, curve with a big radius but curve, so it only go slowly.

Yes O must be carefull. But there a lot of companies selling kits do build and fly aeromdels. I buy a lot during a lot of years. Now I would like to cut my own peices, If they did whats the secret? Forget about burning, I can control it, its normal for who cut balsa, usual, not rare. The problem is when the cut is curve the speed is slow and you can speed up. So you use 15% laser power. Second problem the lot of time it takes to make a peice. 90% is travelling between rwo points to light the laser at the end of travel. I change the design of a curve big radius for a litle straights segments . The time is very nice. It change from 10 hours to 6 min. I did it thinking in finihs the peice with sand paper. But I loose a lot of precision. At the end these time thinking, wroting testing how I can a make apeice…I have already cut by hand all ribs for one wing. For another wing I will copy rhis ones in other 3 mm sheet and cut it. It does not worth usie the machine. Thank you all.

Hello again, I did not quit yet. Thank you. So, I refine the design I am using Fusion 360 and save it correctly. Now the line is thick and it cut well, even at slow spreeds. I think this slow speeds its about Neje machine, it does not draw in curve, just go from ine side to another burning where it neeeds. It is to slow, but niow a rib takes 1 hour. OLightburn program has a cut settings editor page. In there at the midle shows line internal space 0.1 cm. If I give more space it takes less time? What happens? Then there are 3 types of scan. 1- Fit all shapes at once 2 Foll groups together 3 Fill slopes individually. Last says is indicated for points far from another, I choice this one. But I still have 1 hour per rib. If course I can design 6, 8 or more ribs and put it all in one page. I can use a 1 meter long balsa sheet for all ribs. I t will take a lot of time but less than make one by one. So by hand it takes me 15 to 20 min to one rib. Actually by laser it takes one hour, plus adjustments in PC and machine. To worth I must cut 4 ribs in an hour, or 8 in the hours. May be it wirth then.

Mach bitte ein Photo von deinen Einstellungen.

Note that the real speeed is not 150.

Exportiere in Fusion 360 mit dxf.
In LB Mode not Image sondern “Line”
Sollte helfen

Thanks . So I have my rib on Fusion. I start Capture Image option. An it only gives me 3 options png jpg or tif.

I dont exoport to Fusion. I draw it on Fusion and save it there. Then I capure iamge and its the image I import from LBurn.

Ok I can find in Fusion export and a lot of options Some on black avaliabe and some in grey not avaliable. dwg, dxf, igs,iges,sar are not avaliable. c3d, 3mf,ipt,fbv,obj, skp are in black avaliable.

I am not an IT guy. What can this kind of doc do to improve time or to run quick between two points?