Cutting with Atomstack

Hello :wave:t2: Thank you for adding me. I have had my Atomstack laser for a few days and haven’t been able to figure out the cutting feature. I just ordered some super thin chipboard and wood and I still can’t get it to cut all the way through. I just did a test with 15 passes and it didn’t cut through. By then the lines are distorted. I’m sure I’m missing something in the setup. Can anyone help me? Thx!

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Hi there, fellow AtomStack user.

First, what laser is it? There are all kinds, from 10 watt to 40 watt or “AtomStack A5 pro” which is supposedly around 7 watts.

Second, chipboard isn’t good. Neither is MDF.

For cutting you want at most 3 - 6 mm Baltic Birch unless you know what you’re doing.

First things first since we have no idea of your setup.

Make it slow. Make it 10 at 100.


So here’s the thing. The speed in (mm/sec) should be thought of as a percentage. There are settings in Lightburn that you will need to change to optimize your burns and cutting.

I made an air assist for mine. It helps with cutting. These are not really made for cutting and are usually overdriven 5 watt lasers.

You’re best bet is simple and thin material at slow speeds with multiple passes and air assist.

Best of luck!

Thank you very much for your help. I appreciate it. I will check my settings.
This is the machine I’m using and the board I’m trying to cut.

Upgraded Laser Engraver 20W, Eye…

10 Pack Basswood Sheets 1/16…

For not much more you can at least get the “7 watt” laser which will help a lot. Still, your machine should be able to cut that. You need low slow settings with multiple passes. I’ve found that instead of setting the focus at the 2mm with their spacers, I use a 1 mm spacer so that the focus area is lower and in the middle of the board.

You should start with some test burns.

How far do you adjust the laser from the board?

Depends, but usually just the width they recommend using the tool they supply.