Cutting with plywood

Hey guys,

I’m new to laser machines and the lightburn software. I have a sculpfun s9.
I have been trying and trying to cut with 2mm plywood. I still have had no success. I have watched tutorials, YouTube videos etc and have set settings to 2-3 and 4 passes. With speeds of 150, 200. And power of 100% but it still does not cut through. Everyone else seems to have no problems with these settings.
I almost got through with 20 passes, 150 speed, 100 % power but going off everyone else’s videos I watch they can get through with 2-3 passes.
I have noticed when I do 2-3 passes it prints dotted lines not a bold line.

If anyone can help me out I would be greatly thankful and appreciate your time.

Kind regards

Welcome to the forum… Check out this link

Did you follow Lightburn grbl setup?

It would be wise to read over the Coordinate and Job Origin documentation.

Go back through the grbl setup and see if you have more success.

The speeds can be mm/s, mm/min, inches/s, inches/min, so try and be specific so we can be more helpful in the future.


Mel as jack mentioned the specifics are important. Although i dont have scuplfuns’ machine i do have the S9 laser head and for the most part i have been able to cut through everything right up to 8, 10 and almost 12mm thick at speeds of 6 or 7 mm/s. The largest number of passes was for MDF. I had maybe 30 when i tried that. Sounds like the actual machine needs some tweaks. Are you using the aluminum spacer they sent to set the focus?

Another thought i had, if you have tried so many times with that many passes your lens might need to be cleaned. :smile:

thank you for your reply. I will give the lens a clean tonight.
i was using mm/m

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hey thank you for your reply. i will look into the GRBL setup again tonight.
i am close to throwing the machine in the bin haha!

Don’t work on it when frustrated or tired. You will break things…

Good luck


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Haha thank you

Thank you for your help, still struggling at the moment. Wondering if I need a wire bed underneath my wood? I have just been placing the galvanised sheet provided underneath my wood. Is this okay or do I need a honey comb bed/galvanised bed?

What you could try is making a bed of nails fixture. Not sure what size work you are doing but take a piece of the 2.5mm plywood or thicker, you can buy it at a dollar store and in light burn sketch out a square or rectangle of the size of the plywood (Layer1)and place a bunch of .040" holes in it (Layer2). The holes can be on a grid or randomly sequenced in and around your rectangle or square. Shut off the output for your sqaure (Layer1) and Run the program and let the laser pierce a bunch of holes through. When done you can hammer in a bunch of Brad nails to form the bed. I have been using this alot and it eliminates the burn marks under your work if you a cutting through.

I have been using underlay or ring nails they hold better. Thicker plywood is better as it will eventually get destroyed .LOL It would also be a good idea to keep the galvanized sheet down and put this on top!!

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