Da big gimping plug-in

Has anyone used this plugin for gimp for photos

Are you looking for opinions on whether it’s worth buying, having trouble getting it to work, or something else?

How well does it work on photos for diode laser and co2 laser,is it worth buying, description of plugin has setting for wood or tile engraving the cost is $30

LightBurn has all the built in tools you need to do what the $30 script is doing. No need to spend extra money on a script.


I don’t see a plugin reference in your post. What plug in?


“Da big gimping” is the plugin. :wink:

Thanx @Rick the title had the name of the plug in, still need some coffee.

:joy: :coffee:


I found this video very useful



Yes, but have run into a problem.
I can get one jpg to work but another that I have modified slightly (crop, align & rotate) will not work with this plugin.
Anyone know what I need to do?

As that script has nothing to do with LightBurn, I would ask the person you bought it from for support.

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I’ve seen how the Gimp plugin changes the image to a negative type image, but what is the equivalent in Lighburn, and do you have to do this to laser images? Sorry, new to this.

LightBurn just has a toggle for this. It’s only necessary when burning onto dark material, where the engraved part will be lighter (like slate, black painted tiles, etc). You also do this when engraving acrylic or glass, because the engraved part will frost and catch light, and the rest is clear.

It’s a bust. I’m using a Mac and have been trying to install the Da Big Gimp plug-in sense July. Their support started out ok, but after many tries they quit responding to many more request. At least they could offer a refund.

I use the rasterwizard in meerk40t for photos then save to desktop then run in lightburn,the xin script works very good

I found their (his?) communication lacking from the get go and moved on. If they can’t intelligently answer questions before the sale, there won’t be much hope after the sale. To be the fair the product is so inexpensive that it probably doesn’t pay enough for good support.

You’re right so they shouldn’t take people’s money if they can’t/won’t support it.

Don’t waste your money, learn to process you pictures manually. I purchased it and couldn’t get it to work correctly, every image I tried was processed to light to get a good result. I spoke to Sean about it, he asked for a copy of a picture that wouldn’t work as he was going to try it himself. And that was the end of that, he never tried it or responded to any of my messages,even takes a wide birth from my posts on his page. I generally use gimp to process manually, but have recently started using shapes properties in lightburn, which so far I’m finding easier than gimp would be great if it hade the ability to crop pictures tho.

If you held your breath waiting, you would not die. :wink: Soonish…


I was just looking into using Gimp and the referenced plug-in. I’ve been using Paint.net and that experience hasn’t been awful. Clip the picture, change the size, set the DPI, save the work. I also used imag-r but I would rather learn to do everything on my own. Mostly I would like to just stay inside of LightBurn and be able to fully process an image. But other than clipping an image aren’t all the needed tools available already?
I’ve been using LB for 5-6 weeks and found that learning it is quite easy. I also found that a few of the high end expensive CAD/CAM software developers could take some notes from LB.

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Crop/Mask…done! :wink:

and a bunch more…

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