Demoversion Lightburn

good day
I have a problem, a few months ago I wanted to retrofit my K40 laser with a new mainboard, unfortunately this didn’t work, so I rebuilt everything. I had downloaded the demo version of Lightburn and finished with this topic. Now I have enlarged and bought myself an 80 watt laser and would like to download the demo version again, but this is no longer possible.
is there a way to get it again?
Thank you for the effort
The test license number is: DON’T POST KEYS

I am yelling here because this is important. DON’T POST KEYS - These are private and personal. Please treat them as such.

I have extended the trial for 2 weeks so you should be good.

hello, sorry for posting the key, I guess it was only for the trial version. I did not purchase Lightburn because I had problems with the new mainboard of my K40 laser at the time and it did not work. now i have a big laser, hope lightburn works with it.

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