Distorted Image. Anyone have this problem?

The drivers are moons sr4h. Also assumed these were good drivers.

Has anyone heard of these?

I’m thinking this was the problem. As long as I can rule out faulty hardware.

See post above.

I had no clue what controller was in it. But now know it’s a RDLC-320

In LightBurn, go to Help > Enable Debug Logging (at the bottom), then connect the laser to the computer (or just right-click the ‘Devices’ button if you’re already connected).

Click the Stop button, then quit LightBurn, and email the file called ‘LightBurnLog.txt’ in your Documents folder to support@lightburnsoftware.com with a link to this thread. It’s possible I’m incorrectly ID’ing the controller and outputting commands it doesn’t like.

Aha! Gotcha.

What flavor of USB are you using?

If you need to drive the chi…errrr redsail via USB only, I would suggest looking at a PCIE USB host card, and the laser should be the only thing you use it for. Let the computer split the internal bus all it wants. USB3 cards are pretty cheap too, and you can get a lot more bandwidth. This way the camera, your mouse, keyboard, drives, printer… they all share the main USB.

If you are in windows 7-10, make sure in your power settings that you do not have USB set to turn off with your screen, which could also cause issues.

Ruida are USB 1.1

A USB 3.0 card is wasted on it.

And were you under the impression your Nova35 wasn’t made in China?

Nope, fully aware its a giant hunk of chineseium, but not all batches of that alloy are equal. Ive seen a few of the generic red and black units. Crude would be a compliment.

USB 3 card is standard, plentiful, and backewards compatible. They often come in PCIE 1x configs. Ive also had issues when using 2 or more of the same or similar controller for USB, so bumping it up to 3.0 wont hurt. Think the last one I bought was under $12. But, if you got a USB2 card laying around, give it a shot.

Well. It’s all kinds. Computer is 2.0. The hub was a 3.0 and the controller is as stated above, a 1.1

I do not have an expansion port on the laptop. Just (3) usb 2.0. Mouse camera and laser

Need to check this. I had a 3 hour engrave the other day and the machine stopped a little over the 2 hour mark.

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