Do FRAME with laser

Good day,
It is possible to do FRAME with the laser open ?
Now when I push the frame button it marks the burn area with out open the laser.

How can I fix it ?

thanks ahead.


Dear Oz,
Thanks for you prompt response, I did exactly as you request and nothing happens.
The laser doesn’t light himself when I push the frame button.

Do you have any other idea ?

thanks ahead,

Did you push the frame button while holding the Shift key?

Good day Oz,
Yes I did and it didn’t work.

Any other idea ?
I have a laser machine ortur 15w.

Thanks ahead.

Did you click the laser fire button after you enabled it?

That isn’t necessary to frame with the laser on. You do need to set a power level for it to use that isn’t zero, but that’s all.

Honestly no - if you followed the guide I posted, that should be it - it works for everyone else.

Are you getting any errors in the console? Is it framing and just not turning on the laser, or is it not framing at all? Give as much information as you can think of - saying “it didn’t work” doesn’t give much to go on.

Yes I did and nothing happened.

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