Do you like a laser built-in camera fit lightbrun and stock in California?

More than 80% co2 glass tube laser made in China, but few of them to buile-in a camera to fit lightbrunsoftware. Lightbrun is a very great software for laser, no one to promote this software in China.

I know this software when I search something for laser on Youtube, I download it, try it. it is very easy to use, especially for a uesr who can’t use a graphics software. The camera will help him.

So, I design this small laser to fit lightbrunsoftware. It is small and safety. Good for a beginner.

Working size is similar a K40 Chinese laser. 300*200mm.

1 .40w Co2 laser is Satisfy most materials engraving and cutting works.
2. built-in HD 200W 1080P camera to fit lightbrunsoftware.
3. Double RED Pointer help you find the focus.
4. Fit for 0~70mm object, up and down worktable by step motor.
5. Built-in sensor, Inside temperature machine over 50℃, laser stop work.
6. Dark color Tempered glass is better to prevent laser out and nonflammable.
7. LED light Provide adequate lighting
8. The cooling box with an air pump . say goodbye to bucket and the dancing aimpump.

If you do n’t like a crumbling camera stuck on double-sided tape, think about it.
you will get more informations on this link. I hope you like it.

Thank you for sharing this with us.

I see that there is a touchscreen, and your listing mentions it is a Ruida controller? I know there is one Ruida model that has a touchscreen, is that what you used, or is it a different setup?

You’ll need a separate power supply just for the camera huh?

it is not RD touch screen. it is ues a rd mainboard, but I modify the panel, it is smaller than RD one.

no separate power for camera

I doubt the camera uses 200w, regardless of the model number. :slight_smile:

340 x 200 mm $2,000 a K40 with a camera and a touch screen.

Very nice looking but it reminds me of a Reverse engineered GlowForge with the same material limitations.

The only thing that I like is the ability to use offline LightBurn not some cloud software and Internet connection.

I can see it cost $1000 but not $2000.



I am glad to hear you that compare my laser to GlowForge, GF is really hot on the internet.

yes, GlowForge is another kinds of laser and laser software. My one is different from it.

But My one is totally different K40. It is a big laser system same as 6090size or 50*70 size, just smaller. so it is similar cost in the hardwares with big laser.

it is stock in USA, no other fee for buy it.

Seems a little odd to push features of your laser that are only a thing because of the Lightburn software, without even including the name “Lightburn” anywhere in the ad. Are you including a free DSP license to LB with each purchase? Why doesn’t it say this?

That’s funny I was thinking the very exact thing when I saw that . I’m glad You said it!


I am not including a free DSP license to each pruchase, because some one just need a free RD software. Toolot is not free for sell anything… Toolots ask 25% profit, so if I including LB, customs must pay 100usd.

This is a very important thing I have to talk with him. I put lightbrun name on page, but customs buy from LB website.

I think few days, the page will have Lightbrun name on my laser .

you and Blake are lightbrun best friends :grinning:

I would kindly suggest that you correct your spelling of the name of our software :slight_smile:

Yes we both love LightBurn and you should as well…especially when you use it’s benefits to promote your camera that would be useless without Lightburn.

It’s not common professional/business courtesy to use another product’s benefits in order to sell your own without even mentioning LightBurn . This is the very software that enables your product to do the very thing that is a major selling point for your machine.

You mention RD Works as the reason you don’t offer Lightburn however RD Works will not support your camera ? RD Works slows the out put to your machine down , I can’t see how promoting a piece of software that slows a user down is a useful sales feature

Maybe you should watch this video and see for yourself why @Blake and myself feel you should offer Lightburn with your machine

Good luck



I am trying to solve this problem with
thanks for your sharing, I will put your video on my laser page.

I did not create the side by side video. I only shared it with you so that you can see for yourself the overwhelming benefits of using Lightburn.

Not really sure what this means. I have no idea who is I just want to make sure you don’t miss my main point of using Lightburn to sell your laser machine without giving credit to the software that enables your laser machine to use the camera feature.

Cheers and I wish you nothing but the best


Toolots is a online shop.

This is interesting to know. Does Toolots hold stock and ship the machines to the customers?

yes, toolots have storage in California. You can visit that page and ask them.

Cool. Do you sell by any other channels also?