Do you support Ruida RDC6445G

I will buy a control panel Ruida RDC6445G Do you support ?

I am running the RDC6445 in one of my lasers and it works great with LightBurn.

Yes, it’s supported. Very similar to the 6442G

Thank you …

Thank you…

I am new to Lightburn and am having issues verifying the connection to my laser. Ruida RDC6442S controller. The laser works fine with RDWorks on a previous computer but I continue to receive data transfer errors in LB.

How are you connecting to the Laser? Ethernet or USB?

Using USB cable. Attempted both Serial/USB and Packet/USB in setup with same results.

You say it worked with RDWorks on a previous computer. Have you tried RDWorks with this computer that you are having the LightBurn issues on?

The current computer I am trying to get working is Win 10 and I have not been able to get RDWorks installed on this computer. One of the reasons I am trying out LightBurn.

Try installing this driver:

Thank you, it appears that worked.