Does Chinese 40k Co2 laser have good customer support

So I am looking at getting a 40w Co2 laser that is basically called a china laser even though the motors are made in Germany and the mother board and plugs made in Japan, my question is do they have good customer support sense they have distribution centers all over the US.

Here’s the exact laser I’m looking at,
Any help would be greatly appreciated.

No, none at all.

You’ve chosen the cheapest possible machine sold through an online marketplace and you wonder whether there’s any support?

Where will that support come from, do you think?

They make ~$30-50 gross profit on something like that.

Even multiple-thousand-dollar machines come with basic return-to-base parts-only warranty.

If you want your hand held, you’re going to be shelling out a lot more money than that.


You aren’t really answering my question, they supposedly have support my question is, is it within the US or not? Do you have one or had one to know positively? I’m wanting someone who has first hand experience on this machine, no disrespect intended I’m looking to get my feet wet in the Co2 world of lasers as I have a few diode lasers but now am interested in starting to branch out.
Do you know of a decent CO2 laser that doesn’t cost much to start off? Money is tight right now so $1,000+ Machine is out of the question. As said looking to start off.
If you have had one of these machines before what makes it a total waste of money and time, they obviously can’t be that bad if they sell thousands and thousands of them. Again no disrespect I just want somebody who’s had first-hand experience with one. Thanks again for your time and support :smiley:

Look for a machine sold by Orion Motor Tech / Preenex. They have decent customer service. If you buy it from Amazon which you will pay more, you have better customer service through Amazon. If you want one that works with LB out of the box, look for one with a Ruida controller.


Ok, do you have a link to one that you would recommend? Like I said I’m just looking into it and want to get my feet wet. If you do send me a link then I would greatly appreciate it as I’m not at all familiar with what I’m looking at. I’m just trying to keep it cheap till I know what I’m dealing with, I’m fine with a small 8”x12” cut area. Thanks again for your time and support!

Ya I just gave that company a call lol I’m going to need to get my finances straight first before I get one of them :joy:, @Bonjour a good one ain’t cheap :joy: I do thank y’all both, any other company I should check out? Thanks as always!!

Check out this forum. You will find a lot of info and like minded people.


@LightBurn hey Bonjour started getting political and talking hate speech, he’s not Using very appropriate language towards me and I have the email to prove it though I’m pretty sure you can see what’s deleted. Thanks :blush: I just wanted some answers not to have someone vent off on me.

My suggestion is to save your money and spend ~$13-1500.00 and get a 50 watt machine that has a Ruida controller.
Realizing that it’s just the 50watt machine is really a 35 to 40 W machine and a k40 is about a 25 to 29 W machine.
Unless you like tinkering, a k40 needs a lot of mods. All those are documented in the Forums on the web but you’re going to spend $50-$200 on a new controller and you’ve got to have an air compressor and you have to get in and rip the guts up so that you have a bigger bed.
Find that $1399 blue laser from eBay or Amazon you’ll have a bigger bed it’s almost plug and play and you’ll have a better experience in the end.
I started out with that $1300 machine then bought a diode laser to play with then bought a K 40 because it was really cheap and I’m playing with it so I can learn more about the electronics but in the end my $1300 machine is what I go to to use daily.


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Hey man thanks, would you mind sending me a link to one like the one you perched? I’m currently just shopping, I’ve been looking at them off and on for the past 8 months ever sense I bought my first diode laser, I was a machinist at a company that had me working on a Muzak 5 axis Laser and I honestly like running the 40,000 volt machine but a $1,000,000 dollar machine is a bit too much for me :joy: so needless to say I’m just trying to be a good student and do my best to do my research on the different ones out in the market and to see which one best suits me. Thanks again for your time and support as I greatly appreciate it, I’m just a young guy trying to learn and people like you make it so much easier :+1:

Hey do you know if a 800mm laser tube is normal for a 50W Co2 laser? I was wondering because the one I’m looking at is supposed to be a 50w and that’s what the seller says anything else that I should be aware of and or ask the seller in regards to the laser? Thanks again!

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Bruce, this is a machine that’s close to mine.

I am not endorsing this machine or any others.
You have to look for a Ruida controller and if it ships with lightburn then you know it works with lightburn.

I can tell you that after two years of using my laser, I had a flow switch failure and a stupid mistake, those two combined blew up my tube. I rebuilt the laser ( now called frankenLaser) with a true 60 watt tube and ps. That was the best thing I’ve ever done.
Moral of the story, if it is not what you want, make it better. ( as in Tim the tooltime Taylor):grin:

Ok thanks man, this is the one I saw first off

The seller said the laser tube is 800mm long so I’m not sure if that’s good or not as I saw from the form that a Standard 40W is 700-720mm long but is actually 30-35w’s so I’m assuming that the 50W on this machine that I just put the link to is actually 35-40W in power. Which I guess is fine for the money.
I’m just now looking at the machine link you posted and it looks like it is better built from the pictures then the one I just posted. Now is there anything that I should be looking for besides the laser tube sense you probably have hindsight of what you would have preferred to have done or bought ect. I would prefer to lean off of someone’s mistakes or experience so I can hopefully get a head start, again Thanks. :+1:

Try and find one that has a Ruida DSP controller. It is the best DSP controller out there and most compatible with LB. You might have to spend a few dollars more but it is worth it. As for sellers, Orion Motor Tech seems to be the most responsive when things go wrong.

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The two mods to any machine that I believe are mandatory are:

A milliamp meter and a visual flow gauge.

The meter so you don’t over drive the tube ( you can’t mount it on the back of the machine. It needs to always be visible)

The flow gauge is just another piece of mind. Everything you need is less than $20 and if I had one before I would not of blown up my tube.

So for less than $40 bucks you have two great safe guards .

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Okay but my problem with that I honestly have no idea how to mount that on the machine

Ok, I’m going to be looking for that type of controller on the lasers when I’m doing my research. Thanks