Does lightburn have a debug or fault logging option. Strange failure in my cut pattern

I have had a failure, well the same spot in the cut 3 times in a row. This has caused me to waste a large piece of 5mm acrylic.
As per the topic heading, is there an option to forward my file and have the code looked at.
I am using a Lotus laser Blu100 80W .
Thanks in advance

You can post the LBRN file here. What controller drives this laser? What does “failure” mean, exactly - ends of cuts not lining up, skips, not burning through, system stops? Please provide detail.

Debug and Fault logging is available in LightBurn, but nothing you have shared indicates this is required or would be particularly useful at this point. What would you expect to be logged? Are you getting some sort of error message from LightBurn we can help explain?

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Hi And thanks for the quick response.
I didn’t include any real details at this point as i was just trying to descover if logging and debug was possible, it wasn’t meant to be a detailed report.
As it happens the cut took a jump at the exact same point on 3 attempts to cut the same about 8 minutes into the job. It lost its way but carried on. The remaining part of the file was misaligned with what went before. No error was reported.
Controller is a variation ( Lotus badge) of a Ruida.
I am using a USB stick , but, for clarity the PC it comes from is running windows 10 and yes i am using the latest version of Lightburn. I do not have a pc connected to the laser, always via USB stick.
I dont know what i am expecting from a debug. The machine did not snag on any pieces of material sticking up proud.

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