Does Ruida RDC6445S work with LightBurn?

please, does Ruida RDC6445S work with LightBurn?
I’ve read most of the threads about RDC6445, most of the people use version G.
Thank you for your comments in advance :slight_smile:

There’s almost no difference between the two.

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Thank you Blake for your fast response,
so from functional perspective “S” variant will work with LightBurn as well as “G” variant, right?
Or what you meant by “almost no difference”, please?

I believe one just has support for 2 laser tubes, the other doesn’t.

Oz clarifies a little here: RDC6442S-B(EC) vs. RDC6442G

It appears both models support dual tubes…

6442G: Standard / 6442S: Double Head Linkage

Whatever “Double Head Linkage” is … maybe @johnjohn knows … :pray:

This seems a good outline of the differences…


Just to answer definitively, yes. LightBurn is compatible with the Ruida RDC6445S. :slight_smile:

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Do you know what they mean by “Double Head Linkage”?


I assume they are talking about driving 2 laser heads from the same gantry, in parallel. But have not confirmed this verbiage.

I’ve found most of my Chinese interpretation is that I know the words.

I just have no clue as to their meaning the way they’re used.



The S supports the double head linkage… @Sasquatch has the G model … ?


Here’s a 6442S

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