Dot mode for fill functon

Is it possible to use dot mode to engrave? The only time I see that function is in line mode.
I would like to try to scan using dot mode to create a darker burn that does not engrave deep yet still keeps the detail. I’ve tried working out of focus but that just makes my detailed vectors come out dull and lacking detail.

A darker burn on wood is accomplished by longer dwell time (slower speed) usually more effectively than higher power. There is also that baking soda magic. I know this isn’t helpful about the dot mode question, but offering some suggestion.

You cannot use Dot Mode or dithering with vector fills, and dot mode causes the laser to pause for each dot, so it would shake the living daylights out of your machine if you did this.

You can select your layer shapes and use ‘Convert to Bitmap’ to turn them into an image, and then run the image with dithering:


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