Double lines found while cutting

Situation: I received a CDR file that I converted to BMP so I could open in
Lightburn. The file was huge and I had to do a lot of work to get the pieces to fit my machine. There are many small intricate cuts. I used the trace function in Lightburn. Everything looked good until I started to cut the file. I noticed that the machine was cutting out each piece twice. My Lightburn settings are set to 1 pass. So after zooming in I noticed there were actually two lines next to each other. Question: is there a simple way to get rid of one of the lines or do I need to do it manually. And would it matter whether it was the inside or outside line as long as I was consistent? Thanks.

Not currently, no. Trace Image uses shape boundaries to define the traced object and then groups the result. You will need to Ungroup and delete the undesired paths.

Thanks for the video Jim. Unfortunately for me, the second line was not visible to the eye and after tracing, it looked like one line. I zoomed in really far to measure the distance between the lines. I simply created a line to connect them. It would be really nice if Lightburn had a ruler function. So the lines were only .035 mm apart.

Please elaborate. This could mean several different things. If you want to measure something, we have that.

Again, please elaborate.

According to the interweb, .CDR is a vector file. Inkscape (free, mulit-platform) will import CDR files (just tested it) and can then save the file as an SVG or other suitable format, reducing your workload quite a bit, unless the original CDR is suspect.

As mentioned above, to measure the distance between the double lines that I got after tracing, I drew a line in between and it only measured .035mm. Very difficult to see that there is two lines when things are normal size. I only knew to look at the file when the laser started cutting all the shapes twice and the pass count was set to one. I tried again with a simple file that in Corel was a simple hairline. I exported it as a BMP and when opening in LB since it was an image, I used the trace function. Looks fine to the eye but when I zoom in really far on the line, there are two. Not sure what I am doing wrong and in which software for that matter.

After further search, I found the instructions for loading the export macro into Corel. After doing that, it worked seamlessly and the file came into LB as a vector and no need to trace. Thanks.

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