Downloading Lightburn to work on Chromebook

I need help, I have seen many posts about getting Lightburn to work on a Chromebook and to be honest I don’t understand what is required. I am not totally tech blind but I really need a step by step instruction manual on how to get Lightburn installed. I see I have to install some Linux software? I have Linux enabled as far as I can see, but I am totally baffled and confused by the comments and response by others who clearly do not understand my level of competency with regard to a computer. I am not a novice but Linux makes no sense to me… In my head I should be able to just download and install the program.

So please can someone just give me a clear list of what to do… in layman’s terms.

thank you in advance.


Good luck


I’m still very happily running Lightburn 1.3.01 on my Chromebooks. My license has since expired and I’ve had no compelling reason to renew yet.

It’s not a terribly difficult thing to get Lightburn running on a nice Intel Chromebook (I3 or I5 recommended) with Linux “developer mode” enabled… but if “Linux makes no sense to [you]” I’d recommend that you pass. I’m simply not up to date and ill-prepared to try to provide any step-by-step guidance… and I’m unsure who else is using a Chromebook with Lightburn.

It’d be slightly easier to install on a modest laptop running straight up Ubuntu and I’m sure you’d get help from the experience Linux folks here… but again, it’s Linux.

If you just want to “download and install the program”… have you considered a cheap Windows laptop? They are pretty easy to come by…

– David