Dual monitor display Lap Top + Acer LB window size issue

As you can see in the photo I am having a difficult time getting LB window to cooperate with a second monitor. I have tried 2 different monitors, cables, on/off, and playing with every other setting.

I know this is typically considered an OS issue but dual monitors are typical for my workflow so im wondering if there are any suggestions that I am missing?

The only way I can get LB to display appropriately is if I run the displays as “Duplicate” but that kinda defeats the purpose of having a monitor + laptop screen

I did try the Shift>open trick.

Thank You!

The issue is that the controls are all very large, yeah?

This could be your issue. I didn’t catch your OS, but DPI settings are in the control panel under System>Display in windows 10.

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Nailed it. Thanks!

Display Settings > Advanced Scaling Settings > Let Windows try to fix apps so they’re not blurry > OFF
The custom scaling option did nothing to help the situation.

Not sure if this mattered in the solution but I also made the design monitor the main display.

Windows…enough said…

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