DXF import artifact - From Fusion to LightBurn

I have created the attached dxf using Fusion and exported it as DXF.
LB.dxf (311.5 KB)

This is how it looks when impoting it back to Fusion as DXF

This is how lightburn impored it:

Why Lightburn adds these extra, unwanted lines?
LB ver 1.3.01, Wintel/x64.

Try setting to 0 for Edit->Settings->File Settings->DXF Import Settings->Auto-close tolerance.

Incidentally, have you tried export tool listed here? I’ve seen no reports of it since this went up so curious:

My default setting is 0 and before postig i was trying different values to no avail.
i wonder if you tried importing my dxf and got the same result. i am not familiar with LaserPost. thank you. will check it out. i do however like to know why LB importer introduces these artifacts.


Interesting. I thought this had been caused by overzealous auto-close based on tolerance. So not sure if this is a change in behavior or something different in the dxf. You may want to submit to support to see if they can take a look.

Hi - I’m the creator of LaserPost - the type of problem you are having is why I ended up creating it in the first place (I just got too frustrated with DXF). If you have any problems with using it, just leave me a message (here, or on my website at https://nucarve.com) and I’ll get right back to you.

One thing - the beta release of 1.1 (1.1.0-beta.1) is MUCH better (at this magic moment, no known bugs…) so do use that. Instead of clicking on Download Now, scroll to the bottom, select “All” in the releases section, and grab the beta. I’ll likely release it as an official release next week, just waiting on a few more people to try it and let me know all is good.

Also - the videos are being re-recorded right now - expect them to go up mid-week. The biggest difference is how you set the “WCS” (Work Coordinate System) in Fusion. It’s much easier now but look at the “Concise Guide” for details (it has been updated for 1.1). See https://nucarve.com/concise-guide-to-laserpost-settings/.


Thank you Chris, sounds interesting and promising - great work!
i usually design bodies/components and the parts i want to laser cut are being projected to dxf. i never worked in manufacture workspace so not sure if i will now have to for taking the advantage of LaserPost exporter. i will give it a try.


Understood - it is yet another module to learn in Fusion! I will say it’s much easier than doing milling (that is a beast) as it’s just one tool (2D Profile) and all you really need to do is select a line. Watch the videos, it’s currently 6 videos about 2-3 minutes each (the new series is 5 videos and a bit shorter as well), as they walk through how to do the entire process. Pretty easy, especially once you do the setup in the first 3 videos. My typical laser setup takes me about a minute now - and no more fussing with sketch / project / cleanup / layer setup. I think it will pay back quickly, but that’s up to you.

I’m glad to help - including dealing with / learning Fusion CAM. Just ask!