DXF Import - text shifted - misalignment

Importing a DXF saved from AutoCAD 2021 results in misaligned text. Running version 1.0 of Lightburn. Please see the two attached screenshots. One from AutoCad, the other a resulting import to lightburn.

Any suggestions on how to fix this misalignment with import?


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@RalphU - Thanks… I’ve tried all versions including R12 with no change. Interestingly, R13 is not an option.

Attach or email the DXF in question and we can have a look. AutoCAD’s text feature is a bit of a quagmire - they don’t well document it, and MText in particular has multiple ways to represent the same info, so it’s fussy.

DXF sent to support email address. Thanks!

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Another “clue”… I have both DSP (Ruida) and GRBL (JTech) lasers. Today I was installing and decided to try the import on that version. Viola! Or so I thought… but then I realized I had imported the DXF with my DSP laser selected. If I change to my GRBL laser, the import problem still exists.

So the clue is, there seems to be a difference with text alignment when importing a DXF while you have a DSP (Ruida) laser selected versus GRBL?

Bumping this topic… thanks.

Thanks for testing Ralph. The issue for me is the DXF comes from the customer so I don’t have the chance to mess it with… I just want to import and laser rather than twiddling the DXF first.

The most curious thing is that if I select my DSP (Ruida) machine then import, the DXF imports correctly. If I select my GRBL machine, it does not import correctly. I’m attaching screen shots with some areas highlighted. Right now my solution is (I suppose) to import with DSP selected and then flip to GRBL… not insurmountable but clearly there is an issue. I am also curious what the relationship is between the two Devices and the incorrect import. Perhaps the device geometry is considered with the import and this causes the problem?

The submitted file is now fixed with the next update:

@RalphU - Can you email or attach the file you made there so I can check my results against it?

Thank you @Ralph and @Oz.

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