Edit Device Name

I would like to edit my device name to add the lens mm to it because I’m going to be adding another lens to my Fiber laser. When I click edit I don’t see my Fiber laser name in the list. Does that mean I can’t edit my device name?

If you just ‘edit’ the device, you can change it’s name…

Screenshot from 2022-07-27 07-00-36

I put the ip in there, sometimes it changes, depending on boot order with the router. Not my router and it’s a junk pile, so I haven’t bothered to set an ip linked to it’s mac address.


Yeah, I see how that works. Not really a very friendly UI design. I still did not see my laser in the first list of devices but the edit seemed to work. I duplicated that one and changed its name to my new lens (200mm) I’m adding to LB.


I think the list you are referring is the ‘basic’ configuration, for Ruida, Grbl or whatever. I don’t think it’s a list of ‘found’ lasers or configured devices.

Took me a few tries to figure out the gui… such is life.


Now I found an issue… Maybe it’s what you were referring to…

I’m going to post it as a new thread… here’s the link


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