Eleksmaker Homing Problems

If i press: move to x/y 0
My Eleksmaker Moves to the some Point in the middle of the working Area.
The real x/y zero is at x-50 y-140
How do i change that?. Or more easy: How can i set up the absolute xy zero?
Settings in Lighburn: Start From: Absolute Coordinates. Thank you very much :wink:

Wherever you have the head of the machine placed when you power up will be 0,0, because it doesn’t have limit switches. The easy way is to move it there, then just power cycle the controller. You can also manually jog to the “real” zero, and use this console command:

G92 X0 Y0

That will zero the X & Y axis.

Hi @LightBurn, I am a new member to the forum. Currently, I own an Eleksmaker 2500W diode laser. I intend to buy a 50W Chinese laser in the near future. I have a couple of questions:

  1. Is there a way to access an area on the forum dedicated to the Eleksmaker issues only?
  2. If I purchase a Lightburn license for the Eleksmaker laser (is this the GRBL license?), How long should I be able to wait before I upgrade to the Full Version (when I buy the 50W Ruida-based laser machine)? Is it $40, then $40 to upgrade (say even 6mos to a year later)?

Thank you

One does not exist. If you are looking for information related the the Eleksmaker, you can use the ‘Search’ feature located to the upper-right of every page of the forum to help.

And for the licensing questions, we get asked this a lot, so we made an FAQ for it. :slight_smile:

The timing of when you upgrade is up to you and based on when you want to talk to a DSP based laser. Upgrading from the GCode version to the DSP version is available for you at any time during your current license cycle. The DSP version includes the GCode version as well.

Thanks @Rick.
Let me see if I understand the licensing upgrade thing. Say I buy the GCode version for $40 tomorrow, I can get free updates for a year starting tomorrow for that GCode version.

What I was asking is about UPGRADING, not updating. So say in a little over a year from buying the GCode version, I purchase the Ruida 50W Chinese laser, will I be able to pay $40 to upgrade to the DSP version, or will I have to pay $80? Is it that I have to UPGRADE within the 1st year in order to pay only $40?


Rick or Oz can say for sure but it stands to reason that if you let your license expire you’ll have to buy a new one. That is SOP in the commercial software world.

So, I’d be better off buying the $80 DSP version to begin with. And, as I was told by @Rick, it will run the Eleksmaker A3 (GCode).

Then say a year and half later, if and when I purchase a 50W Chinese laser, I can RENEW my DSP license for whatever the going renewal price will be at that time. Correct?

If I now download the trial version of the DSP version, will I be able to test to see if it runs my poor man’s Eleksmaker laser before I buy the full license?

Sorry for all these stupid newbie questions. I just want to be specific in understanding what I can and cannot do with the license.

Thanks for your patience.


I think you have it all correct. :slight_smile: You will be able to test and use your current setup as the 30 Day Trial is the full DSP version which includes the GCode version used to support the Eleksmaker.

It wasn’t clear in your earlier post but now I see you are asking if you can upgrade to the DSP version after renewing the GCode version when the first year is up. I don’t know the answer to that question.

Your license has an expiry date. Any version of LightBurn released prior to that expiry date will run for you. The license also has a type (Gcode or DSP) which controls which devices you can control.

If your license had been expired for a year, and you purchased the GCode to DSP upgrade, you’d be able to use your year-old version of LightBurn with a Ruida controller. If you wanted to get continued software updates, you’d renew the license, and that would give you access to newer versions. The two are independent of each other.

Really? Wow. Any other licensed software I’ve ever used wouldn’t allow upgrades once a license had expired.

The price difference between DSP and GCode, for me, is to cover the difference in effort required to support the hardware, so I view that as a one time fee. The renewal price is to pay for continued development, so I have no issue keeping them independent of each other.


@chaoticmind, Not really. CorelDraw for example has two prices for any new version, a full price of $499, and an upgrade price of $199 (from older versions, not just the last version), it’s on their website as we speak. I think Photoshop has/had the same policy. I don’t know what they charge now, because I currently pay a monthly subscription fee.

What I was really unclear about, is NOT whether I would be paying only $25 to upgrade from GCode to DSP after one year, but the $40 difference to CHANGE over to DSP. I realize that I said upgrade instead of asking about changing over from a GCode to DSP license after the one year had expired (sorry about that misuse of terms). I know I probably would be able to do the latter within the 1st year. Details, details, my son!

I am alright with paying a renewal fee to get a newer version (if I decide that the new features are of value to me at the time). But I hope that if I skip renewing my license for one year, that I’d be able to renew another year, and because I hold a license that is expired but valid, and so I would just pay the renewal fee for that year.

Would that scenario be accurate @Rick?

Thank you so much for your help

I am now so lost I have no idea. :wink:

Here is what I do know.

You can buy a thing (GCode license). You can update that thing (prior to expiry date or renewal fee will need to be paid).

At any time, you can upgrade that thing (to include the original thing and the new upgraded thing (DSP)). This can be done at anytime, and is completely independent from the status of your expiry date.

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Hi @Rick,
I did not mean to complicate matters.
It took me asking a few times to settle on a solution for my need (GCode, then DSP).
I’ll just start by purchasing a DSP license, and renew it after the one year. And, I can use it for my Eleksmaker 1st, then later on for the 50W laser that I intend to buy.

I am currently working on modifying/upgrading the safety aspects of the EleksMaker before I purchase the software.


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All good, no worries. Looking forward to seeing some of what you create. :slight_smile: