EMERGENCY-Ortur laser master 2 not firing

Hello! I have had an Ortur Laser Master 2 for months now. I even started an Etsy shop selling engraved wooden coasters, cutting boards, and keychains.

Recently, (Last night) my laser stopped firing. I Run light burn and when I press the fire button, no laser, I can trace objects however when I hold shift no laser (yes, I enabled the fire button), when I press play to engrave an image it goes through the motions but does not fire the laser, the fan even turns on. I have several Etsy orders that need to ship in time for Christmas. Please help!

Does the laser fire, without LightBurn?

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This sounds like the laser module has died. If nothing else changed, and you haven’t altered any settings, it’s a decent bet that the laser has died. How often / how long do you run it at full power?

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The laser does not fire without light burn either, the more I look at the facts the more I’m convinced the mod is dead. I often run it at 100% and do quick passes to minimize smoke stains and get jobs done quicker. I opened a ticket with Ortur tech support and are actively communicating with them, my power level test video and picture of my module are currently under review.

I investigated the wires in the white plugs behind the x gantry and I found they were partially burnt and the plastic around it was melting I gave it a slight push and the laser began to fire again. is there replacement wires and or plugs that I can use to fix this? Also, how do I prevent something from happening like this again in the future? @LightBurn @Rick

I would wonder why the connectors and wires are getting hot.

In your case, If you are relying on this to make deliveries, I would have a spare connector board and module on hand so you can swap out in a pinch.

You might find some better high temperature connectors at Digi-Key or Mouser.

But there is still the question of why is it getting too hot to begin with.

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That would be a question for Ortur, not us - Is that the laser module that came stock with the machine? If that connector wasn’t properly seated, it could generate more heat, but it’s also possible that the connector is just not rated for the amount of power going through it.

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I contacted orturs tech support and they decided to replace the pieces (cables and pinboard), but if the same pieces are just going to do this again in 5 months what’s the point. all of my tech is original ortur laser master 2 i purchased from gearbest.

Slow it down run at less power. 100 % power on anything will push the envelope!

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where is the fire button at on laser window?

From our documentation:

Diode lasers often don’t have a red-dot pointer like CO2 lasers do, so it is often useful to enable them at low power for focusing or framing. (Please do NOT do this if you have a CO2 laser, as the beam is invisible and this could blind you or start a fire). Turning on this setting will enable a button and a power setting on the Move Window that allows you to turn on the laser at low power for focusing and positioning.

After a restart of LightBurn, you see the ‘Fire’ button in the ‘Move’ window when displayed.

Grounding issue? @LightBurn @OrturTech @

Had exactly the same problem. So got in touch with local Ortur Support engineer ( for Europe) who asked me for a 3 minutes video while launching a test engraving they submitted. After Ortur evaluation they simply accepted 15 watt module replacement ( 5 to 6 weeks delivery ) expecting it until Jan 7 th , …20…21 Some Ortur owner complaining for similar problem in Germany, Spain , France…white light but no laser anymore. Ortur assistance was on Top, reactive, but Ortur suffers a widespread common chinese pain…no serious quality control or even…none.

Seems like the connectors don’t make full contact. Then it starts jittering which make the contact looser which makes jittering greater which…

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