Ender 3 s1 plus settings

What settings should I use to get the add on laser for the Ender 3 s1 plus to run with gcode generated by LightBurn.

Assuming this is a Marlin printer you’d want to setup a device with a Marlin profile.

I tried that and it doesn’t seem to work. I don’t know exactly what is going on, none of the setting I’ve seen suggested, grbl or marlin, work.

Can you elaborate on what you mean by it not working?

What exactly doesn’t work?

Are you connected directly or are you running the gcode generated from LightBurn through some other mechanism?

Have you installed the firmware for the laser on your ender 3 ?

I have tried generating the gcode on the different profiles and then transferring with an SD card to the printer. Every time when I try to run them the machine does nothing when I start the file.

It does nothing at all?

Does this machine normally function as a 3D printer? If so, are you running 3D print jobs with the same mechanism and does that work?

If so, I’d suggest starting with something very basic. Like draw a single line, then test. I’d be surprised if even basic motion did not work if the machine otherwise works.

Then gradually increase complexity until you can identify what causes it to not work.

It will not move around to show the print areas. It will move around once it is started but the laser doesn’t do anything.

How do you expect this to work? Is there a feature that’s meant to show the print area?

So leave out LightBurn from the equation for the moment.

Execute commands to the printer until you can sort out how the laser is controlled. Do you have any sample laser jobs that you can reference and are working? Do you have any proof that the laser works?

Marlin is typically driven by M3/M5 or M106/M107. Ideally your firmware would have Inline mode compiled in.

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