Endurance 10 Watt+* laser

Endurance 10 Watt+* laser on a onefinity cnc need help

Great question, I’m sure a few more details will be needed.

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This may be worth review:

windows 10 ---- lightburn newest ver. (one day on trial will buy to day)
onefinity controller v1.0.9
10 watt ndurance Laser
Connecting Endurance Laser to The Buildbotics CNC Controller

To connect the Endurance Laser to the Buildbotics Controller, simply connect the PWM+ wire from the. Laser Controller to the “Tool PWM” line found on pin 17 of the Breakout Box and connect the PWM-wire from the Laser Controller to one of the Ground pins on the Breakout box (pin 7 is a good choice). Then plug the DB25 Breakout board into the back of the Buildbotics Controller.


did all this the onfinty controll box does not have a usb port to connect the computer
jtech has a laser that they sell that is for the oneinfinty only.
anything would help ---- reach out to –
Joseph DiMattei

Endurance Lasers USA

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