Engrave tumblers with 10 watt laser

It is a console command, entered with a $number =value

I.e. $32=1000

Do try a small square with scan angle of 00. Your cups will allow a lot more testing if you don’t do huge shapes.

Try a small sample of letters at 2400 instead of 3000.

I see now that it not a just a small tumbler, it is a large jug. For the really large stuff, slower move speed is required when your primary move axis is the roller due to their higher inertia.

It’s not a big jug. It’s just a 12 oz beer cozy. But I will follow your advice and go small letters!! Filled this one up way to quick. :upside_down_face: :face_with_diagonal_mouth: Do some more testing in the morning. Hope you don’t get tired of me, I REALLY appreciated all of your help.

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Duane, just wanted to say “Hi.” UH-1 maintainer and later US Army pilot. I will miss them till I take my dirt nap. Challenge 4.

Welcome Home Ron!! Crew chief on D & H model slicks down in the Delta. Got there in December of 68’ and WIA in May of 69’. Fell in love with the Huey the first time I touched her. Always say when they retire the H-60 the crew will fly home in a Huey!!!

Thanks. Glad you seem to have recovered!
I was a Cold War Soldier, but forever felt I’d been taught by the best. '92 they only took UH-60s, later I was a loggie flying a desk and they had other uses for me. I truly wish that statement was true. My last job was working with authorization documents “MTOE,” and all the authorizations were gone. :disappointed_relieved: I got a little time in Blackhawks, felt they were overly complicated with little “bang for the buck.” Like anyone cares what I thought LOL. Got this about settled out? I’v got one of the XTool S1 starting to learn LB.

Duane, Did you learn to fly at Ft Walters?

James, RTIC is it’s own brand, they are sold a lot of places. They are made by a guy that created the Yeti, but felt that the Yeti owner was too greedy, so he set out to make a more affordable option. They are just like Yetis.

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No, Glenn. I wasn’t a pilot. I was a crewchief on Huey’s and as soon as the pilot pulled pitch I was then also a door gunner. Had a sweet little M-60 machine gun that kept me company in my gun well. :grin: :upside_down_face:

Checking back on this topic. What worked best for you?

Hi, Jim. Using the 90* scan things are coming out good. Depending on the brand my speed is between 1800 & 3000 and the power between 50% & 80%. Again, want to thank you for the help, you were a life saver, not to mention a “cash” saver. :joy: :grinning:

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